Online Community

Join this free online community of like-minded pianists who are building creative skills and discovering their creative voices.

Program Highlights

Submit performance videos and writing compositions. Engage in learning activities and challenges. Learn new techniques and tactics for creative engagement at the piano.

  • Individualized comments/feedback from teaching artists on your performance videos and compositions
  • Creativity challenges and learning activities to develop your creative skills
  • Inspirational posts and resources to inspire your creative voice
  • A supportive and encouraging community to share ideas and engage with around creative topics


The online community is recommended for piano students and enthusiasts from ages 13 and up who have an understanding of foundational musical elements such as dynamics, articulation, rhythmic values, time signatures, and note reading on the grand staff (generally from the late beginner/early intermediate level through advance level).

All festival participants will receive a special award, highlighting their unique creative achievements. 

Participants in the online festival community need access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, plus an email address. Technology tutorials are available within the online community platform.

Engage in A Variety of Opportunities

Creativity challenges and learning activities feature a variety of topics and skill building tasks to help you explore your creative voice.

Post up to 1 performance video (up to 7 minutes) each quarter for individualized feedback from a professional teaching artist. Repertoire can be any genre and creative elements are encouraged.

In addition to submitting performance videos, community members can also submit up to 1 written composition per quarter for feedback from a professional teaching artist. Compositions can be up to 5 minutes in estimated play time.

The on demand learning activities allow pianists to engage in creative exercises on their own time, while also occasionally having the option to join a live session. These activities include exercises to help deepen creative skills through larger projects.

Creativity challenges provide short engaging prompts to help you explore your creative ideas and self-expression. Each challenge is focused on a particular creative technique, idea, or question.

Online festival community members can also share and post anything with the community to explore creative topics, ideas, projects, and questions with your fellow creative pianists!


We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have! If you’re interested in learning more about the online festival community and how you can get started today, please reach out to Luke Rackers at 802-595-4656 or