New Music Publishing

Abundant Silence is the publishing imprint of the Festival for Creative Pianists, a nonprofit new music and arts education organization that supports the work of 21st Century musical artists and develops unique and creative learning opportunities for pianists of all ages. We celebrate the joy of creating music at the piano and seek to build a culture of creative skill building and creative thinking through the piano. 

Sheet Music

The Abundant Silence publishing catalog features digital and print sheet music in Solo Piano, Collaborative Piano, Experimental Piano, and Art Song collections. We also offer recordings and videos of some works in our catalog, with more being added soon. We value the work of 21st Century musical artists and our product pricing reflects that value, acknowledging the immense amount of time, effort, skill, and passion that musical artists put into their work. 

The Abundant Silence roster features world-class composers, arrangers, transcribers, and editors who utilize the piano and piano-related instruments to create artistic works. These Composer Members of the organization are provided with unique opportunities to serve as teaching artists and develop new educational and presentation material. We also commission new works by Composer Members of the organization and invite the public to commission new works by these amazing artists as well. To offer a commission or to work with the Festival for Creative Pianists and Abundant Silence to sponsor a commission, please contact us today.

Abundant Silence will accept unsolicited requests to become a Composer Member of the organization but we cannot guarantee review of the request or return of the material. Winning works chosen during our Composition Contests are automatically included in our publishing catalog and the composers of those works become Composer Members of the organization. The organization will also occasionally seek out exemplary composers who exhibit a speciality in creativity at the piano and offer a Composer Membership directly.

Luke Rackers

Executive 595-4656

If you’re interested in learning more about New Music Publishing with Abundant Silence or other opportunities to get involved, please reach out to Luke Rackers.