Mission and Vision

We’re working to uplift creative expression and nurture creative skill-building at the piano through an in-person festival, an online community, publishing of 21st Century music, and composer commissioning. Celebrate and discover the depths of your creativity through the Festival for Creative Pianists!

Our Mission

The Festival for Creative Pianists is a nonprofit arts education organization dedicated to celebrating the joy of creating music at the piano by developing unique learning opportunities and supporting the work of 21st Century creative pianists.

Our Vision

The Festival for Creative Pianists and Abundant Silence honors the work of 21st Century musical artists. We strive to compensate these exceptional professionals fairly for their time, effort, and creative skill. The pricing of our programs and publications reflects this goal. We continue to strive for inclusivity and diversity in our program participation and outreach as well as our selection of 21st Century musical artists who we publish and support.