C E L E B R A T I N G   T H E   J O Y   O F   C R E A T I N G   M U S I C   A T   T H E   P I A N O

The Festival for Creative Pianists is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

with a vision of uplifting creative expression and nurturing creative skills at the piano.

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Celebrate and discover the depths of your creativity by joining us for the  Festival for Creative Pianists!


Enrollment Today!

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Is the Festival for Creative Pianists for me?

Do you leave music competitions and examinations feeling creatively unfulfilled?

Would you like a personal connection with teaching artists who are working as professional composers and performers?

Do you need extensive and specific feedback on your creative work to know where to go next?

Would you like to engage and share your work with other creative pianists?

Are you seeking inspiration and opportunities to work on creative skills and projects in a positive environment?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, the Festival for Creative Pianists is for you!

Go beyond the notes on the page and develop your unique creative voice alongside world-class teaching artists and fellow pianists. Join a growing movement of pianists who are seeking to break free of the boxes that are preventing creativity. Learn new techniques for creative expression and share your creative work in process.

Pianists submit performance videos, written compositions, and other creative work for individualized feedback, while also having access to an online learning system to engage with fellow participants, share creative work, and develop new creative skills. Festival take place quarterly. - Enroll today and start your next creative journey!




Workshops are free for enrolled festival participants. All others can register to attend a workshop for a small fee.

  • Oct 21, 7:30 p.m. EDT
    Teaching artist Fred Karpoff will help you learn how to play Bach’s Prelude with a “three-dimensional” technical approach, to find an effortless way to play his figurations in this famous piece. This in turn will assist you to apply other patterns to chord progressions.
  • Nov 18, 7:30 p.m. EST
    Join three musical artists as they compose piano miniatures live based on themes and ideas from the audience. Challenge yourself to compose along with them!