All Festival Friday events are open to the public. Enrolled festival participants can attend the events for free and can find links to join the events in the OpenLearning platform.

The general public can attend by registering below and paying a small fee.

  • Telling a Story Through Music
    Fri, Jul 15
    A story or narrative is a connected series of events told through words (written or spoken), imagery (still and moving), body language, performance, music, or any other form of communication. Join teaching artist Ayumi Okada to explore the various ways & approaches to telling a story through music.
  • Live Composing: Piano Miniatures
    Sat, Sept 17
    Join three musical artists as they compose piano miniatures live based on themes and ideas from the audience. Challenge yourself to compose along with them!
  • Creative Preluding
    Sat, Oct 15
    Teaching artist Fred Karpoff will help you learn how to play Bach’s Prelude with a “three-dimensional” technical approach, to find an effortless way to play his figurations in this famous piece. This in turn will assist you to apply other patterns to chord progressions.


Composing Music

The Festival for Creative Pianists supports the work of 21st Century composers and musical artists. We publish creative piano works through our publishing imprint, Abundant Silence

Composer Members of the organization are offered special opportunities to serve as composer educators and teaching artists. We also sponsor commissions for Composer Members. These composers retain all copyright of the work and we price our products to value the work of living artists.

Are you interested in becoming a Composer Member? Complete our Contact form to request application details.



We are also building a community of piano enthusiasts and educators who are dedicated to creativity and creative thinking at the piano. There are three options to engage in the community: a free Festival for Creative Pianists Community membership, a Piano Enthusiasts membership, and a Piano Educators membership. This community functions like a social media network, but without the toxicity and distractions of platforms like Facebook. 


Each level has different access to articles, posting, tips, inspiration, resources, groups and courses. Piano Enthusiast and Piano Educator members also receive special discount opportunities to participate in our virtual festival. Join the community today!

Festival for Creative Pianists Community member - FREE!

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Piano Practice


Festival Guide Volunteers are an integral part of the festival experience.


As a Festival Guide Volunteer, you will help provide comments in specific sections in the virtual festival platform and encourage other participants to engage, comment, and share their creative work. Volunteers help new participants navigate the learning platform, and provide inspirational and helpful insights to drive positive mindsets and continued creative exploration.

Responsibilities for Festival Guide Volunteers include:

  • Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month to providing carefully crafted inspirational and helpful comments to the latest posts in one section of the online festival platform.

  • Stay engaged in the festival throughout the year by sharing your own creative work, works in progress, and ideas.

  • Serve as a guide for up to 5 new enrollees to the festival.

  • Exhibit a positive growth mindset within your comments and throughout your work in the festival.

  • Encourage creative habits of mind in participants through your comments (training provided).

  • Attend at least 1 virtual volunteer training session at the beginning of each festival

  • Willingly accept feedback from festival directors on your commenting and adjust your style based on the feedback.

  • Contact festival directors if issues arise or violations of online community agreements are violated within the comments.

  • Complete an end of festival survey about your volunteer service.

Festival directors will review your volunteer application form and will contact applicants with questions if needed. Final acceptance as a Festival Guide Volunteer will be dependent on a background check and reference screening. Festival directors will ask for additional information to complete the background check or will send a link to a screening service. Once accepted, you can serve as a volunteer for as many festivals as you like!

If accepted as a Festival Guide Volunteer, you will receive 50% off your festival enrollment fee!

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