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  • In-Person Festival Praise
    "When first I attended the Festival for Creative Pianists, I did not realize what a major impetus it would provide in my growth as a musician. The festival’s emphasis on creativity, improvisation, and composition is a focus all too often missing in today’s musical education. Interacting with the wonderful faculty of this festival rounded me out as a musician, inspired me tremendously, and provided me with tools and perspectives I still use today." - Andrew Vargas, In Person Festival Participant
  • Virtual Festival Praise
    "I was so glad to come across Festival for Creative Pianists during the COVID-19 period, when the Festival went virtual. There were so many inspiring workshops and speakers who were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in sharing their craft with the participants. The judges also gave very insightful comments and feedback on our performances and compositions. The activities were well-constructed and gave me great ideas to think about when improvising and composing. Thank you for a great experience!" "The organization of this Festival was fabulous! The presenters provided solid information for future creative growth. It was a wonderful experience." "I would like to thank everyone, who created, organized and participated in the Festival. During COVID time it was motivational event with lot of fun. I enjoyed zoom sessions with like-minded people. Opportunity to take a masterclass and a few workshops gave me more ideas how to improve my playing. Deadlines motivated me to work more on my repertoire that is important step for progress. Thank you!" "Festival for Creative Pianists has been a very rewarding experience! It allowed me to explore my creativity further, learn from multiple teaching artists, participate in private and group coaching and master classes, develop my composition skills further, communicate with other musicians, watch several concerts by the teaching artists, and engage in learning activities and challenges. The feedback I received throughout for each of my submissions was detailed and helpful." "This festival is amazing! I had tons of fun and learned a lot! I loved how I was able to connect with people even though it was virtual and all the awesome feedback I received from the wonderful teaching artist!" "Even though I wasn't present at Denver this year for the festival, I felt how the teachers actively engaged in helping the participants achieve a better level for themselves. Their knowledge and passion for music was overwhelming, and the experience was great. I highly recommend for all who love music to participate."

Festival FAQs

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