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Enroll in the Festival for Creative Pianists Today!


Complete the Enrollment Form below to enroll. After completing this form, we will invite you to the quarterly course in the online Festival Community.

All Festival participants will receive a 100% scholarship for the winter quarter!

For general questions or questions about enrollment, please email Evelyn Billberg.

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Festival for Creative Pianists
Enrollment Form

Please fill out the following form to register for the Festival for Creative Pianists. Limited needs-based scholarships are available.

Complete your Scholarship Application here.

* Indicates required field

Required if participant is an unemancipated minor. Please list primary contact person.


Please skip this section if you do not have a primary piano teacher.

If months, place a 0 in the "Years with Primary Teacher" box

Second primary teachers have an equal impact on student's time and development.

However, please skip this section if you do not have a co-equal second primary teacher, or if other teachers are secondary.

If months, place a 0 in the "Years with Second Teacher" box

Please upload a close-up headshot of yourself or the participant you are enrolling.

Payment & Discount Options

Please note that all discount selections require approval from Festival Directors. We will contact you with a final decision or to ask questions about your applications.


Fill out your scholarship or volunteer application at the same time as completing your enrollment form to minimize any delays.

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Thanks for submitting your enrollment form. We are excited that you will be participating in an upcoming festival! Our program director will be in touch with you soon with more details.

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