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Enroll in the Festival for Creative Pianists Today!

All festival participants will receive a 100% scholarship for our winter quarter!


This program is recommended for piano students and enthusiasts from ages 10 and up who have an understanding of foundational musical elements such as dynamics, articulation, rhythmic values, time signatures, and note reading on the grand staff (generally from the late beginner/early intermediate level through advance level).


All festival participants will receive a special award at the end of each festival quarter, highlighting their unique creative achievements. 

Please click here for award information and eligibility.

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Festival for Creative Pianists
Enrollment Fee

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The virtual Festival for Creative Pianists takes place quarterly based on this schedule:


Fall: September - November
Winter: December - February

Spring: March - May

Summer: June - August

Festival participants can enroll in as many quarters each year as they wish.
Fee required each quarter.

$99* USD



Access to creative online learning activities, skill building, creativity challenges, resources, and social engagement with fellow participants

New and extensive "Discover Your Creativity" module to inspire your creative development

Receive an individually tailored award ​for excellence in a creative area

Individualized performance feedback from world-class teaching artists

12 minute maximum performance video submission

Submit optional composition for feedback from a composition educator (feedback provided for up to 7 minutes of work)

Live virtual "Festival Fridays" events (concerts, workshops, creativity discussions) with a teaching artist over Zoom

Choose a live Group Coaching session to receive live feedback from a teaching artist prior to submitting Performance Videos or Composition

Participate in live workshops during "Festival Fridays" events related to learning activities or view on demand

Engage and interact with fellow festival participants by viewing and listening to their creative work and submissions, commenting on their work, and sharing insights with each other.

Showcase best work by uploading "Best Of" recording and share other creative work with fellow participants

Optional private coaching sessions for additional fee. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Invoices are sent to participants after enrolling and all eligible discounts are applied at that time.